Movement Microscope by Olafur Eliasson studio

I had the pleasure of working in this video as a mixer and sounddesign.

Filmed in Olafur’s Berlin atelier in 2011.


2 thoughts on “Movement Microscope by Olafur Eliasson studio

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  1. Great Miguel…congrats!!!! we can recreate a perfect landscape in all that sound textures gathered by the way. I was in Berlin on May, because the Bienale, and visited that bunker where the Olafur Eliasson’s students presented a project (where the sound has an important role) were you involved too?

  2. Hi Elisa, thanks for getting in contact, no, I only do sound design and mixing for Olafurs pieces, The bunker exhibition was from his students. I’m doing one piece for the Bauhaus Dessau with one of his students, Macarena Ruiz-Tagle, this is the only relation that I have to his students.
    Actually, do you speak spanish?

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