Sound and Light piece for the Farb Fest in the Museum Bauhaus Dessau in Germany.
Collaboration with Macarena Ruiz-Tagle and Leon Eixenberger


Original music for Olafur Eliasson Little Sun film.”Little Sun: A Light for Everyone”

LITTLE SUN at The Tate Modern

Original Music for Olafur Eliasson Little Sun at Tate Modern in London.


Olafur Eliasson:
Sound Design for the video (at 0:40´) “Innen Stadt Aussen” exhibition at the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin 2010


Sound Design for Olafur Eliasson piece “Movement microscope”, 2011
Note: this was an exhibition in the Centre Pompidou in Paris, they have the rights of this video, please go to the Vimeo link in order to see it. Thanks


Sound Design for Olafur Eliasson piece, “Your embodied garden”, 2013
Note: You need headphones to watch this video.


Videogame choreography from Miguel Toro and Victor Morales…
Victor Morales manipulates video games engines and Miguel Toro produces music for this frantic choreography influenced by Kuduro from Angola and an acid trip…..
In the middle of the song there is a small sample from actress Aixa Moreno. It was taken from 1989´s short film “Happy to be sad”, unreleased and unfinished due to the sudden death of Aixa….

Snippet of Arrytmia, with Victor Morales manipulating video games and me playing drums…
Recorded at Gerald Simpsons house, filmed by Nikolai von Graevenitz

Miguel Bateria 2010 ( Arrytmia) 6

Miguel Bateria 2010 ( Arrytmia) 5

Miguel Bateria 2010 ( Arrytmia) 4

Miguel Bateria 2010 ( Arrytmia) 3

Miguel Bateria 2010 ( Arrytmia) 2

Miguel Bateria (Arrytmia) foto: Nikolai von Graebenitz - 01

  • Music for video game animationCanciones del Mundo de los Niños:
    This song is taken from the album “El Mundo de los Niños”.
    Produced together with Mike Shannon.
    Miguel Toro: Drums, Percussion, arrangements, mixing
  • Sylvie Fleury:
    Sound Design for the piece “Walking on Carl Andre” from Sylvie Fleury in the Gallery Mehdi Chouakri in Berlin