Shadow Mapping by Rafael Reveron-Pojan.

Original music for the street intervention project “Shadow Mapping” by Rafael Reveron-Pojan in the streets of London, England.

After the lights go off or change position, the shadow of the objects remain until the effect of nature or the human hand wash it off from the street.

HOOL – OST “Siegfried the Vulture (Broken)”
Next HOOL shows 22.03 and 01.04 in
Deutsches Theater Berlin.

HOOL – OST “Tomorrows Memory”

HOOL – OST by Miguel Toro aka. Royal Dust. Deutsches Theater, Berlin. 2018 Based on the novel by Phillip Winkler. With: Christoph Franken, Sascha Göpel, Liou Kleemann, Jeremy Mockridge, Friedrich von Schönfels, Oskar von Schönfels, Loris Sichrovsky, Caner Sunar Director: Adrian Figueroa Set and costumes: Irina Schicketanz Music and Soundesign: Miguel Toro Video: Adrian Figueroa, Philipp Figueroa Dramaturgy: Birgit Lengers This video Photo by: Arno Declair

With The Drug

Here is the video for “With the Drug”, from the forthcoming “Dream in Flames” EP
My friend Victor Morales created a Dystopic Innocent world where the laws of physics melt to the song ina Video Game nightmare that becomes “real” reality.

All Sounds and instruments by Royal Dust and prepared piano by Paul Frick.

Release date 12.08.2017

Royal Dust – “Tune in/With the drug”

Featuring Paul Frick in prepeared piano and Volker Meitz in syntheiszer.

Taken from the forthcommingEP “Dream in Flames”

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Across The Royal Dust An intimate and introspective journey across the tracks, textures and sounds on the “Royal Dust” album.

The textured sound of the ROYAL DUST album, its experimental recording methods and the old-school vinyl cutting process inspired this cinematic and introspective journey through the technical and the sensitive part of the art of making records. Featuring MIGUEL TORO, MIKE GRINSER, AEREA NEGROT, BEN ABARBANEL-WOLF and FRANCK BERJONT.

Created by DedoCiego, (Joaquin Urbina and Ana Gale)

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