Royal Dust cover
Venezuelan-born Miguel Toro is an impulse generator: a versatile drummer and percussionist.

Rhythm is his motor, but rhythm here does not just denote a motion within a certain beat. Rather it means a fundamental, ever changing pulse, vibration, resonance. Inspired by aesthetic forms as intense and diverse as the jungle of sounds ascending from his royal dust, Miguel Toro succeeds in giving them an extraordinary voice. Imagine a mixed chorus of Tom Waits, Morphine, Talk Talk, Stan Getz, bass sax player Colin Stetson, Canonball Adderley, Mulatu Astatke and a bit of Emil Richards in a Film Noir setting in the desert under the stars: It’s the spirit of their collective poetry that soars up.
A sound designer for famous artists and institutions like Olafur Eliasson and the Bauhaus Dessau, a remixer for Tony Allen’s Afrobeatmakers, and a collaborator with exceptional artists like epic chanteuse Aerea Negrot and Mambolectro project Mambotur, Miguel Toro accumulates a lot of experience and expertise. In a most sophisticated way, the result of his work marks the birth of a vibrant musical lifeform that exists in Selva Swing time. “Royal Dust” is a concept: utilizing one single microphone, one computer and several apartment rooms for a most unique and efficient recording process. It is a creation that transfuses an abundance of colour and soul to the amalgamation of Jazz, Lounge and Electronics, soaked with inspiration.
Imagine nature as a sound system. Hear it grow (on you).



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