Royal Dust – “Anderswo” OST

Original music and soundesign for the film Anderswo, directed by Adrian Figueroa.

The story of 7 inmates in the Berliner Tegel prision. Their reality, dreams and desires in the life they didn’t have. Breathtaking images beyond reality.

Premieres in 51st Hof International Film Festival (, September 1st.

Papa Jo Jones…

He was THE drummer. A master of style, finese, accuracy and art. The drummer´s drummer, his style has been copied many times but never equaled.

Videogame choreography from Miguel Toro and Victor Morales…

Victor Morales manipulates video games engines and Miguel Toro produces music for this frantic choreography influenced by Kuduro from Angola and an acid trip…..
In the middle of the song there is a small sample from actress Aixa Moreno. It was taken from 1989´s short film “Happy to be sad”, unreleased and unfinished due to the sudden death of Aixa….

Spoek Mathambo – She lost Control

South African DJ Spoek Mathambo covers Joy Division. Taken from the incredible album Mshini Wam
Directed by Pieter Hugo, this video reflects all the “real” African reality, full extreme characters and situations and a step forward in the direction of Pieter Hugo visual work.
He is not just an excellent photographer, he also grasps the crude reality that developed countries simple prefer to look away when it comes to Africa.

Recording for third Mambotur album “Elemental”.

Ayer terminamos la grabacion del ultimo tema del tercer disco de Mambotur “Elemental”.
Pendientes que pronto sale a la calle!!!!!
Mi tema favorito se llama “Lengua mala”, un pequeño tributo a Eddie Palmieri, George Benson, Eric Serra and Barry Rodgers…

Yesterday was the last day of recording for Mambotur third album “Elemental”.
Stay tuned for this release.
My favorite song is called “Lengua mala”, a mambo tribute to Eddie Palmieri, George Benson, Eric Serra and Barry Rodgers…

Argenis Brito: Vocal, Piano, Bass

Miguel Toro: Percussions, drums, arrangements

Jason Liebert. trombone

here is a small snippet:

Fotos: Pier Bucci

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