Royal Dust – “Pajaro Raro, Precioso Farmaco.

Originally written for the piece “Remeber to Remember”, from choreographer Mara Vivas. The original is 15 min. long. This is a short edited version.
“Pajaro Raro, Precioso Farmaco” / Rare Bird, Beautifull Drug

Beatport Remix Contest of Royal Dust

Beatport just released a Remix Contest of Royal Dust.
the song to remix is “Royal”.

So if any of you want to follow up the remix of Ricardo Villalobos, then you only need to register and download the full stems of the original song for free.

The winner remix will be released exclusively on Haunt Music through Beatport and will receive plenty of other prizes. Check the link below and start producing.

my tips to approach this song:

1.- No rules is the rule.
2.- Building by destroying means satisfaction guaranteed.

you have around 4 weeks from today on…get started!!!.

Click on the link below to go straight to the stems,

Recording for third Mambotur album “Elemental”.

Ayer terminamos la grabacion del ultimo tema del tercer disco de Mambotur “Elemental”.
Pendientes que pronto sale a la calle!!!!!
Mi tema favorito se llama “Lengua mala”, un pequeño tributo a Eddie Palmieri, George Benson, Eric Serra and Barry Rodgers…

Yesterday was the last day of recording for Mambotur third album “Elemental”.
Stay tuned for this release.
My favorite song is called “Lengua mala”, a mambo tribute to Eddie Palmieri, George Benson, Eric Serra and Barry Rodgers…

Argenis Brito: Vocal, Piano, Bass

Miguel Toro: Percussions, drums, arrangements

Jason Liebert. trombone

here is a small snippet:

Fotos: Pier Bucci

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